About Our River

Frog Creek is a unique river experience where one minute you are cruising below a canopy of moss laced trees, and the next minute you are paddling through mangroves. The river flows through Terra Ceia Preserve where a rich history of Florida can be discovered.

Terra Ceia has archaeological sites dating back to 8,000 B.C., which were primarily hunting and camping sites. Temple and burial mounds are also located in Terra Ceia from Indians who were established in the area long before Europeans discovered the land.

By the 17th century, Terra Ceia was settled by Cuban families making a living off of fishing for redfish, sea trout, and pompano.

Throughout this river you will discover rich wildlife and beautiful scenery where you can escape from the bustle of life for a few hours.

We hope you enjoy Frog Creek and all the natural wonders our river has to offer.

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